Mukimame refers to the shelled Edamame. In Japanese the word literally means ‘exposed beans’. Across different sources you can notice several names for Mukimame. Since people are more aware of Edamame, Mukimame is often simply referred to as shelled Edamame or Edamame kernels. The biggest advantage of Mukimame is its versatility. It can be a great main dish by itself or a component to salads, poke bowls, dips, desserts and many more. And in terms of convenience Mukimame is definitely a winner. Frozen Mukimame can be easily cooked, fried, boiled or any form of preparation. It can even be found pickled in a can or jar, which is convenient component for a spontaneous salad.

Mukimame shelled Edamame

We should not forget that Mukimame is very healthy. It contains no cholesterol and provides protein, iron, and calcium. Mukimame is rich in plant-based protein, minerals, vitamins, and dietary fiber and is one of the few plant-based foods that can be considered a complete protein, meaning it contains adequate portions of the nine essential amino acids humans need to survive. This makes it an excellent source of protein for people trying to reduce their meat intake.

As already mentioned the difference between Edamame and Mukimame rests in its form; therefore, the growing process is the same. There are two possibilities when choosing when to separate beans or kernels from the pod: during harvesting or at the processing facility. Harvesting Mukimame is similar to harvesting peas, but with different machinery. When harvested, the pod is left together with the plant on the field and only the beans are transported to the processing facility. Another option is to separate the parts in the facility with a machine that cuts the pod and sets free the beans inside. This step happens after the Edamame pods were blanched, the crucial step to preserve the great green colour and flavour and to deactivate enzymes, which means to stop the growing process. And after all this, we proceed to freeze the Mukimame, because it will be sold as IQF frozen Mukimame.

IQF frozen Mukimame Shelled edamame

Wholesalers can order IQF frozen Mukimame in octabins, bags of 25 kg or boxes of 10 kg.

We welcome retailers that want to sell our IQF frozen Mukimame in their stores and supermarkets. The packaging can be adjusted to fit your requirements, and orders of 1 kg, 500 g or 300 g bags are possible.

We welcome foodservice sector companies that want to sell our IQF frozen Mukimame to restaurants, hotels or hospitals. The packaging can be adjusted to fit your requirements, and orders of 2,5 kg bags are possible.

More and more companies use Mukimame for their products, like milk, spaghetti, dips, snacks, dessert. Our Mukimame is readily available in bulk for further processing and repackaging. We have a special offer for the Food Industry (Ingredients) sector. They can order IQF frozen Mukimame in octabins, bags of 25 kg or boxes of 10 kg.

We do our best to offer you the right product for your clients, and our packaging and delivery terms are flexible for your specific requirements. If you are a wholesaler, retailer, or active in the foodservice or food ingredients sector, we have IQF frozen Mukimame personalized to each sector’s needs.

Private label? Yes, we can do this. Please send us a request, and we will reply with more details.