Edamame is the japanese word for immature soybeans. Across several sources it can appear under different names, for example vegetable soybeans, green soybeans, or young soybeans, but it refers to the same thing. Vegetable soybeans are popularly known as ‘Edamame’ in Japan, ‘maodou’ in China, and ‘poot Kong’ in Korea. The direct translation of the Japanese word ‘Edamame’ is “beans attached to the stems”. Edamame is a popular, plant-based food that considered a superfood because its range of health benefits..

Japanese Edamame

Edamame beans are gluten-free and low in calories. They contain no cholesterol and provide protein, iron, and calcium, which makes them a favourite addition to any diets. Our Edamame is grown in the most fertile soils of Romania, in the south east region, famous for growing peas and beans. Our experienced farmers have grown soybeans for many generations and registered great results. In compliance with European Union norms, we bring the best quality to the market and provide all necessary health certificates.. 

Edamame plant

After harvest we transport the Edamame to the processing facility, located less then an hour away, for washing, sorting, blanching and last but not least freezing using the IQF method. The freezing operation is carried out in such a way that the range of temperature of maximum crystallization is passed quickly. Frozen Edamame is traded as Individual Quick Frozen (IQF), where each piece is separated from other pieces.


Wholesalers can order IQF frozen Edamame in octabins, bags of 25 kg or boxes of 10 kg.

We welcome retailers that want to sell our IQF frozen Edamame in their stores and supermarkets. The packaging can be adjusted to fit your requirements, and orders of 1 kg, 500 g or 300 g bags are possible.

We welcome foodservice sector companies that want to sell our IQF frozen Edamame to restaurants, hotels or hospitals. The packaging can be adjusted to fit your requirements, and orders of 2,5 kg bags are possible.

We do our best to offer you the right product for your clients, and our packaging and delivery terms are flexible for your specific requirements. If you are a wholesaler, retailer, or are active in the foodservice sector, we have frozen Edamame personalized to each sector’s needs.

Private label? Yes, we can do this. Please send us a request, and we will reply with more details.